Top Tips on Getting Moved Before Christmas

With the Christmas break fast approaching, many people will have set the deadline of wanting to get into their new home before Christmas. The weeks leading up to Christmas can therefore be hectic for all those involved in the home moving process.

Here, Claire Egerton shares her tips on helping the process move forward as seamlessly as possible before Christmas Day arrives.

Book appointments in early

Having your own survey undertaken on the property you want to buy before you commit to the purchase is a good idea, as there is no legal recourse should you discover any issues with the condition of a property once you move in. Just like other service providers in the property market, surveyors have been very busy recently and there may be a delay until you can secure an appointment. As such, you should get your survey booked in as soon as possible, leaving enough time for the report to be produced and you to consider its contents.

Communicate with the parties involved

Timescales can often shift when moving house and this is especially true where there is a long chain involved. With Covid rates remaining high, there is also always the risk of an unexpected delay due to anyone in the chain or working on your move contracting Covid and needing to isolate. Communication is key and having open lines of communication with your solicitor will help. If you become aware of any delay, be sure to keep other parties, such as removals companies, informed so that new dates can be confirmed.

Do your bit

Everybody is busy at this time of year but in order to increase your chances of moving before Christmas, you will need to prioritise completing any paperwork or any of the other admin tasks you are required to do as part of the process. Even a day or two’s delay at your end could have a knock-on effect, leading to an overall longer timescale.

As well as all of the legal paperwork, you will need to be on top of the other tasks you will need to complete – such as informing utility companies that you are moving and ensuring that all mail will be forwarded to your new address once you have exchanged contracts.

The season for selling!

Although December isn’t traditionally known as one of the peak times for selling a home, don’t let this put you off. Festive decorations can go a long way to creating a warm and welcoming environment, which is likely to appeal to prospective buyers. It’s also worth bearing in mind that at such a busy time of year, buyers that take the time to attend a house viewing, and even put in an offer, are likely to be highly motivated, which could mean there is a greater chance for the sale to proceed.

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