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A will is one of the most important documents that you can create. It ensures that those who you love will benefit from your estate when you pass away, and provides you with an opportunity to benefit those loved ones or charities who could not be benefitted without one.

At O’Donnell Solicitors we are able to draft your will to ensure that your interests are protected.

In a society where many families include unmarried couples and step children, the risks involved in not creating a will are increasing. If you pass away and you have not created a will, then your estate will pass through the rules of intestacy. This means that spouses will be the first to benefit, followed by children, grandchildren and parents. However, the rules of intestacy do not allow for co-habitees, partners or step children to benefit from the deceased’s estate.  The rules also have limits upon how much each class of beneficiary could receive and the order in which they inherit.

Without a will your loved ones may face difficulty in administering your estate.

Our solicitors understand that forming a will is something that you would rather put off. However, you can’t predict the future and the only way to ensure your property and assets are distributed in the way you intend is to draft a will. Our straight-talking solicitors will help make the process easy whilst also ensuring that every eventuality is considered.

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O’Donnell Solicitors provide a friendly and professional will writing service tailored to suit your needs. Appointments can be made at either of our offices or we can visit you at home if it is more convenient for you.

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