Probate and Estate Administration

Losing a loved one can be a difficult and upsetting experience to face.  On top of organising a funeral and dealing with the other emotional consequences of a death, it will become necessary for the individual’s financial affairs to be addressed and Probate to be sought.

Our solicitors understand the emotional distress you may be feeling and can help to make the administration of the estate as smooth and stress-free as possible for you and your family.

O’Donnell Solicitors has a team of individuals who specialise in wills and probate matters and are able to administer estates of those who have passed away intestate (where there is no will) or testate (where there is a will).

We understand the responsibilities attached to being the executor of an estate and the emotions that can come with this. Should you want to delegate some of the paperwork, we are able to liaise with banks, insurance companies, utility companies and any other relevant parties on your behalf. We are able to complete any necessary tax returns and can assist you in the distribution of the estate either under a will or under the rules of intestacy.

We are happy to apply for a grant of probate and if you require, we deal with the administration of an estate in full or in part. We can be as involved as you would like us to be, but to any extent we are there to take a weight of your shoulders.

Inheritance Act Claims

Our work in administering estates also extends to dealing with disputes regarding the assets of the deceased. We can advise you on any potential Inheritance Act claims which you may be considering making to challenge the will or intestacy of someone who has passed away. For example, if insufficient financial provision has been made for you by the deceased or if you believe the deceased was coerced or unduly influenced when making their will, or else did not have the capacity to do so.  Conversely, we can also act for the estate in defending any potential claims which may be brought.

Contact our Probate Solicitors

For more information on our Probate services or to speak to one of our solicitors for assistance in this area, please contact us. Information about our fees for a probate matter can be found here.