Trademarks & Intellectual Property (IP) Solicitors

Trademarks play an increasingly important part in helping to add value to businesses; enabling them to differentiate themselves from their competitors. However, as your business / brand grows, you may experience companies attempting to obtain a commercial advantage from your trademark. This can be highly damaging to your reputation and as such, may have significant cost implications.

As well as trademarks, copyright and design patents, know how, trade secrets and confidential information also fall under the category of Intellectual Property, and these are something the vast majority of businesses have.

Despite Intellectual Property being a significant asset to most companies, measures to protect it are often not taken by companies; leaving the door to misuse or infringement wide open. Putting solid protection in place not only makes strong commercial sense, it could help safeguard your business and potentially also create new business opportunities.

Our straight-talking solicitors are able to guide you through processes such as registration of a trademark and are also able to advise around other ways to protect your company’s IP, such as contracts and agreements.

Should you ever need to enforce the protection of your trademark or IP from use by others, our solicitors take a swift and proactive approach.  While O’Donnell Solicitors always aims to deal with any disputes cordially, our extensive experience in litigation means that we are well placed to act in any proceedings which may result.

The law of Intellectual Property can be highly complex and technical to navigate. However, O’Donnell Solicitors can explain the technical aspects of this area in a language which you understand.

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