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The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 is the law which governs the sale and supply of goods. If you are supplying goods you are to do so with reasonable care and skill. A failure to take such care can result in compensation for the affected party, as well as you providing a replacement or repairing any physical damage.

A carefully drafted set of Terms and Conditions can go a long way to protecting a business. Setting out items such as timelines for delivery, the payment terms, any guarantees or warranties gives clarity to both parties before any trading relationship actually begins. Terms and conditions can also save a lot of money by addressing issues at the outset, for example – what happens if either party doesn’t deliver or pay or wants to end the relationship. Having these matters laid out in a contractual agreement can help to avoid disputes later on about what might or might not have been agreed.

Every business is different and what might be right for one company won’t be right for another. The commercial solicitors at O’Donnell get to know your business so we can advise you on the most appropriate items to include in your terms and conditions and the terms on which the supply of your products/services should be based.

When an agreement is made between parties for the supply of goods at a certain price or within a certain time scale, these should be honoured.  Any failure to meet a deadline or to complete a supply within a reasonable time can result in a breach of contract, meaning the contract can be ended and the innocent party may claim damages.

O’Donnell Solicitors can not only assist with drafting Terms and Conditions on behalf of a business, but can also advise both providers of goods and services and consumers alike, offering legal and practical advice to both parties on entering into a contract and throughout the life of the contract.

Additionally, if you are facing a dispute or are not happy with the service that is being provided to you, O’Donnell Solicitors can offer advice on your legal position and how to proceed to secure you the best possible outcome.

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