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Many companies find that the relationship between their Shareholders, as set out by company law, and by standard Articles of Association to be unsuitable or inadequate for how the Company is intended to be run. By choosing to enter into a Shareholders’ Agreement, it is possible to establish your own set of rules for how you intend the company to be run and for stakeholder parties to operate and be remunerated.

A Shareholders’ Agreement can be essential in protecting the interests of minority shareholders by ensuring that certain decisions require a majority or unanimity in order for such decisions to be implemented. On the other hand, Shareholders’ Agreements can also be beneficial to majority shareholders; particularly concerning the conditions as to whom shares can be transferred to and the terms on which such a transfer can take place.

A Shareholders’ Agreement can provide for many eventualities, some of which you might not have even considered when forming the Company. Even if you are fortunate to not need to rely on its terms, in the event that a dispute does arise within your company, then it is likely that a Shareholders Agreement will assist in avoiding, or at least reducing the cost of, any litigation which might otherwise result.

O’Donnell Solicitors has widespread experience in this area and are happy to advise you; whether you are considering having an Agreement drawn up, or if you are seeking advice in relation to a dispute arising from an existing Agreement.

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