Joint Venture Agreement Solicitors

Joint ventures are becoming increasingly common across a wide range of industries as businesses join forces to pursue strategic commercial objectives which they may be unable to achieve working alone.

At O’Donnell Solicitors, we understand that each joint venture is unique and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ vehicle in this respect. Accordingly, we seek to deliver innovative legal solutions which meet your individual requirements.

The starting point for our commercial solicitors is to focus on understanding the objectives that you and your joint venture partner have. This will allow us to propose the most appropriate structure for the joint venture, giving it the maximum chance of success. We are able to advise you through all the stages of the process from carrying out due diligence on potential joint venture partners to negotiating the relevant documentation once an appropriate vehicle has been structured. O’Donnell Solicitors ensures that your interests will be adequately protected throughout the lifecycle of the joint venture.

Alongside the bigger issues such as the division of shares, financial commitments both at the outset and on an ongoing basis and exit and grounds for termination, a Joint Venture Agreement also needs to address practicalities and day to day responsibilities of the parties involved.

Ultimately, O’Donnell Solicitors work to reach arrangements which meet our clients’ needs and therefore allow wider business objectives to be achieved.

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