Commercial Banking Matters

During their lifetime, most companies will require the assistance of debt finance, such as a loan, in order to expand their business or simply to meet their outgoings each month. Alternatively, a company may use debt finance as a way of funding a specific project. Regardless of the reason, the process of borrowing money as a business is usually more complex than lending to an individual. As such, specialist advice from a commercial lawyer is often required.

O’ Donnell Solicitors are able to represent companies that require secured loans. Banking is an area of law which requires a lot of negotiation between the parties’ solicitors and there are many considerations to take into account; particularly when drafting loan facility documentation. Facility agreements are usually drafted by the lender’s solicitor and therefore will usually be drafted to protect the lender’s position. Accordingly, they may be particularly onerous on the borrower and will require negotiation in order to more adequately balance each parties’ interests. O’Donnell Solicitors are able to consider our clients’ commercial needs in order to negotiate an acceptable agreement for both sides. We ensure that we understand the growth ambitions of clients in order to deliver appropriate advice.

O’Donnell Solicitors are also experienced in acting for lenders in circumstances where they wish to take security over a borrower’s assets. Taking security is a legally complex area of banking law and we are able to negotiate and prepare the relevant security documents taking into account all of the fundamental issues which arise from secured lending.

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O’Donnell Solicitors provide straight talking legal advice. This approach ideally places us to deal with often complex commercial banking matters. To instruct our services or find out more about how we can assist in this area, please contact us.