Helen Fearon, Eclipse Lighting and Sound Marine Limited

I have been a client of James O’Donnell’s’ for over 10 years, both on a commercial and a personal basis. There have been a number of occasions where I haven’t slept worrying about an issue that had occurred with my business – only to realise that once James O’Donnell had got his hands on it – there was no need to give it a second thought!!

James has fought a number of cases on behalf of my business and with each one, the outcome was more than satisfactory. James has the character of a Pitbull when it comes to his client’s needs, yet is a puppy when he needs to put your mind at rest and free from anxiety. He is at the top of his field in relation to Employment Law, Litigation, Banking Matters, and Commercial Negotiation, and on a personal note, he has assisted in 3 different conveyancing projects over the years.

James and Rebecca are the legal arm of my business and will continue to be for the longevity of my professional life. I unequivocally recommend them to any future client.