Summer Holidays – Top Five Tips for Separated Couples

It is that time of the year again where the summer holidays are fast approaching and parents will begin to spend more time with their children.  To ensure that you do not have any problems or difficulties spending time with your children my top five tips should hopefully help and avoid losing another summer holiday by not seeing your children.

1.       Communication

This is often one of the biggest hurdles for parties who are separated to overcome. Even if you cannot speak to each other it is important that you communicate in some way, shape or form such as e-mails or texts.  If you have difficulties communicating with your ex, then keep it to a minimum and just simply deal with important issues regarding the children.

2.       Dedication

Keep to what you have agreed.  There is nothing worse than a parent not turning up or cutting the time with their children short.  It brings into question their commitment.

3.       Organisation

Not everybody takes their children on holiday during the summer holidays however most do.  If you have to sort out travel arrangements then ensure that you book those arrangements in good time and inform your ex about them.  If you are going abroad then make sure that the passports are available for the children and agree for them to be released in good time so   that there is no last-minute panicking.  Give your ex contact details as well.

4.       Enjoy it!

The summer holidays are probably the time of the year that you will spend the most time with your children.  Enjoy it whilst you can! Children grow up fast and you should really enjoy the time that you spend with them. If you do not intend to go on holiday then plan what you are going to do with the children, for example you may think about organising days out.  If you enjoy it, then the children will enjoy it to.

5.       Legal Advice

So sometimes you could be dedicated, you could have everything organised but your plans may be scuppered by your ex restricting your enjoyment to spending time with the children or indeed restrict your time completely.  Do not delay taking legal advice if you anticipate there being problems.  Summer holidays will flash by in a blink of an eye so you need to ensure that if you require any legal assistance, particularly if you need to make any applications to the Court, that you do it weeks if not months in advance.


Anthony Jones is a Director, Head of Family and is a Resolution Accredited Specialist. For more information, please contact him on 0161 641 4555 or email [email protected]