New Electrical Safety requirements announced by the Government to protect tenants in the Private Rented Sector

The government has this week announced its plans to introduce new measures in relation to electrical inspections for private rented property within England. The introduction of the new measures will see landlords being required to ensure that an electrical inspection is carried out within private rented property at least once every five years. The inspections will have to be carried out by competent and qualified inspectors and it will be the responsibility of the Landlord to ensure that whoever carries out the inspection has the suitable qualifications to do so.

The penalties for those landlord’s who fail to comply with the new measures are to date unknown, however it is expected that tough financial penalties will be introduced and local authorities will be consulted upon in deciding suitable penalties.

The new measures are expected to be introduced on a phased basis, with new tenancies being the first to be required to comply.

The measures aim to make rented property safer for tenants, reducing the risk of electrical faults and helping to prevent fires.

The changes have arisen following a consultation which ran from 17th February 2018 – 16th April 2018, Electrical Safety in the private rented sector. More information on the new measures can be found at

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