Laura Higginbottom’s Work Experience at O’Donnell Solicitors

On the week commencing 16th April 2018, Laura Higginbottom, who is currently studying Law and her LPC at Huddersfield University, enjoyed a week at O’Donnell Solicitors gaining work experience.

About her experience, Laura said;

‘As a third year Law and LPC student, I wanted to gain some experience to develop my skills and have an insight of the day to day running of a law firm.

O’Donnell Solicitors gave me the opportunity to do that and so much more!

I experienced various areas of the Law including; Employment, Corporate, Conveyancing, Probate and Private Client – enjoying Employment and Corporate the most.

During my work experience, I engaged in various client meetings which was hugely beneficial to reflect upon and relate to as something that I will be faced with doing in the future, I developed my drafting skills and was given research tasks, where I used various sources to do so and presented my findings to both a trainee and partner of the firm but most of all O’Donnell Solicitors have allowed me to develop my confidence in my own abilities.

They gave me great exposure to the law in real circumstances and I was given responsibilities right from the start and I didn’t feel like I was a student on work experience, I felt like part of the team and I came away having learnt a lot.

The whole team at O’Donnell Solicitors were extremely welcoming and are genuinely lovely people!

I concluded my time at O’Donnell Solicitors feeling inspired and encouraged about my own career in law after working alongside such a professional and passionate team who care about what they do and are continuing to grow because of their amazing values and work. I would love to return to O’Donnell Solicitors in the future and would be keen to apply for any positions that they have.

I would like to say thank you to James and Rebecca O’Donnell for giving me the opportunity to come into your firm and work alongside you, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thank you to Suzzanne Gardener, for giving me advice, welcoming me into the firm and most of all allowing me to shadow you and during my experience giving me a lot of your time to help my understanding of various tasks that you were involved with and general advice about embarking upon a career in law’.

It was a pleasure having Laura at the firm and we wish her every success in her future career.